GE Vector 22 Dual Channel Eddy Current Flaw Detector w/ DC Relay Alarm Outputs (072-101-022)

    GE Vector 22 Dual Channel Eddy Current Flaw Detector w/ DC Relay Alarm Outputs



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    Vector 22 is a dual-channel eddy current instrument that features two sensor inputs each with its own independent test channel. Encircling, rotating, and probe type sensors can be connected.  It is intended for installation in automated or semi-automated testing lines for crack detection, heat treat verification, and feature detection. It is also an ideal instrument for bench-top and laboratory use.

    Products Features

    • Dual probe, dual-channel or single probe dual-frequency instrument
    • Separate alarm outputs for each test channel / test frequency
    • Configurable probe connections (bridge, reflection, absolute)
    • Supports rotating probe drives
    • Wide range of filtering for dynamic applications
    • Flexible I/O interface for connection to process controllers (PLCs)
    • Multi-lingual user interface
    • Internal storage of settings and signal traces
    • Supervisor PC software for transfer of test settings and results to a PC


    • Detection of surface cracks in manufactured components
    • Heat treat sorting with encircling coils or probes
    • Surface inspection of non-ferrous bar, wire, and tubing using encircling coils
    • Surface inspection of rotating ferrous or non-ferrous bars and tubes using fixed probes
    • Inspection of the weld zone of ferrous and non-ferrous welded tubes using fixed probes
    • Inspection of boreholes or flat surfaces using rotating probes
    • Thread detection and other test piece feature detection applications
    • Rail inspection

    Vector 22 Base Instrument Includes:**

    • Industrial Benchtop Housing
    • AC Power Cord
    • Operating Manual
    • Certificate Of Conformity
    • **No Deletions to Above