GE WheelScan 5 Aircraft Wheel Inspection System (072-101-012)

    GE WheelScan 5 Aircraft Wheel Inspection System



    This product has been discontinued.

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    The WheelScan 5 is widely accepted throughout the world as a rapid and reliable means of maintaining the integrity of aircraft wheels. The WheelScan 5 is so simple to use, it won't tie operators down to lengthy inspections, leaving them free to get on with other work. Setup and operation is so easy that extensive training is not required and the operator doesn't need to be an eddy current expert. All you have to do is place the wheel, scan the correct barcode and start the test.

    Products Features

    • Compact with rugged construction
    • "Teach and Learn" function for stored test setups
    • Phasec 2d eddy current engine provides enhanced inspection capabilities
    • Built-in rotary bolthole inspection and electrical conductivity measurement capability
    • Bar code reader for simplified data entry and test setup
    • Ethernet port for connecting to networks
    • Tests wheels halves flange up or flange down
    • Dual test mode allows a complete wheel to be inspected


    • Inspects all current commercial and military aircraft wheels
    • Crack detection on wheel beadseat and tube well areas
    • Crack detection via rotary scanner for tiebolt holes
    • Electrical conductivity measurement for potential overheat damage

    WheelScan 5 **Includes:

    • Base Unit Containing
    • Wheel lift/rotate assembly
    • Heavy duty steel frame
    • Phasec 2d eddy current instrument
    • Keyboard drawer
    • Storage cabinet
    • Probe head assembly
    • HMI assembly
    • Distribution panel
    • Power supply module
    • X-Y linear slide assembly
    • Control system
    • Motion control cards
    • External alarm
    • Keyboard
    • Bar code reader
    • Thermal printer
    • Operating Manual
    • 50PA24/200K WheelScan Probe
    • **(No Deletions to Above)