GE TM1-CDL -Stresstel (062-900-022)

    GE TM1-CDL -Stresstel



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    Application ID Part # Measuring Range Size Frequency Case Cable
    General Purpose 20034 063-350-006 0.080" to 15.00" - 2mm to 381 mm 1/2" 5MHz Knurled MD Connector
    General Purpose 20034-01 063-350-001 0.080" to 2.00" - 2mm to 51mm 1/4" 5MHz Knurled MD Connector
    General Purpose 20035-01 063-350-008 0.080" to 9.999" - 2mm to 254mm 1/4" 10MHz Knurled MD Connector
    Thin Materials 20029-01 063-350-005 0.010" to 1.000" - .254mm to 25mm 1/4" 15MHz Knurled MD Connector
    Thin Plastics 20035 063-350-000 0.005" minimum - 0.127mm minimum 1/8" 22MHz Knurled MD Connector
    Thin Steel 20030 063-350-003 0.010" to 0.200" - .254mm to 5.1mm 1/8" 20MHz Knurled MD Connector

    Product Description

    The StressTel TM1-CDL measures thickness of precision machined and formed plastic and metal components. The TM1-CDL has a measurement range of 0.0050 inches to 15 inch (0,127 mm to 381 mm) depending on material and measurement conditions. The TM1-CDL contains inspector preferred features including alarm limits, differential display, and a rugged metal case.

    The TM1-CDL includes an on-board data logger for storing 1,200 thickness readings in 99 individual data files. Readings can be sent directly to a printer or downleaded to a PC with supplied software.

    Kit Contents

    TM1-CDL Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    1/4" x 5 MHz Single Element Transducer
    Lemo-MD Transducer Cable Assembly
    Operation Manual
    TM1-CDL Program Disk
    RS 232 Cable
    Four "AA" Batteries (Alkaline or NiCad)
    Plastic Instrument Accessory Case
    Certificate of Calibration


    Key Features
    echo - to - echo operation with delay line transducer
    Adjustable material calibration for metals
    Storage of 1,200 thickness readings in 99 files
    Direct print and PC reports
    ALARM mode for comparison to nominal thickness
    DIFFerence mode for comparison to nominal thickness
    Rugged metal case and industrial keypad
    40 hours life with (4) "AA" alkaline batteries
    Physical Description
    3.5 inches wide (89 mm)
    6.3 inches long (160 mm)
    1.5 inches deep (38 mm)
    18 ounces (509 grams)
    Power Supply
    4 "AA" Alkaline or NiCad batteries
    Interchangeable and easy to access
    40 hours operating time
    Measuring Range
    Delay Mode: 0.0100 in. to 1.000 in.( 0.25 to 25 mm ) in mild steel
    4 digit amber backlit LCD
    high digits Coupling indicator
    English/Metric selectable
    IN or MM displayed
    Display flashes to indicate battery replacement
    Fast and easy calibration for wide variety of metals and plastics including steels, stainless steels, aluminum, and plexiglass
    Warranty Term:
    2 years

    Unit Features

    1. Lemo quick-disconnect connectors
    2. PRB carat lights when unit in probe selection mode
    3. DIF carat lights when unit in differential measurement mode
    4. LT carat lights when display backlight control mode is enabled
    5. HI/LO carat lights when unit in Hi/Lo tolerance limits and alarm set-up modes
    6. Backlit display
    7. Activates arrow keys to set values in THK,
    VEL, DIF, HI/LO, PRB, and LT modes
    8. Arrow keys
    9. Selects operating mode: THK, VEL, DIF, HI/LO, PRB, and LT
    10. Clears display and erases/resets memory of on-board data logger
    11. Serial RS 232 port
    12. Built-in auto-probe zero block
    13. Power key
    14. Select file and number of files
    15. Select file of on-board data logger
    16. Sends data in memory to compatible computer/printer
    17. Low battery indicator
    18. Indicates displayed reading outside tolerance limit
    19. Over range indicator
    20. THK carat lights when unit in normal thickness measurement mode



    GE Printer for TM1 CDL GE Printer for TM1 CDL
    GE Printer for TM1 CDL GE Printer for TM1 CDL