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    GE DMS Go Advanced Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge



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    The DMS Go is able to measure thickness reliably with its combination of intuitive user interface, data management and accurate measuring.

    The DMS Go has the ability to measure corrosion through paint coatings thanks to the patented “TopCOAT” method where the coating and base can be measured and displayed at the same time. This device is also Auto-V supported, meaning there are no additional calibrations needed when measuring corrosion without a coating.

    The DMS Go has a high upgradeability including the previously mentioned TopCOAT and Auto-V features as well as flow detector features, data recorder and software.

    The high performance of this device is due to its ability to have multiple calibration models such as 2-point calibration, 1-point calibration with manual on-block zeroing, 1-point calibration with auto on-block zeroing and 1-point calibration with user zeroing.

    The DMS Go also has multiple measurement modes including A-Scan, thickness, B-Scan, Min/Max and differential measuring.

    The built in temperature compensation gives precise measurements up to 540 degrees Celsius or 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It also can support almost any probe thanks to the custom probe setup feature.


    The DMS Go from GE's Inspection Technologies business is a high-end thickness gauge which combines an innovative, easy-to-use user interface, powerful data management and an ability to provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive thickness inspection data. It is ideally suited for a wide range of applications including measuring for corrosion in the oil and gas sector and in power generation.

    The DMS Go has been designed to provide improved reliability, accuracy and reportability of thickness readings in a wide range of applications. Its operational features include:

    High Performance Thickness Measurement

    • High measurement stability and reliability resulting from zero crossing measurement technique.
    • Automatic gain control for excellent repeatability and corrosion monitoring.
    • Built-in temperature compensation algorithm allows accurate measurement up to 540°C (1000°F).
    • Multiple Calibration and Zeroing modes for repeatable accuracy, including:
      • + 2-point calibration.
      • + 1-point calibration with Manual on-block zeroing.
      • + 1-point calibration with Autozeroing for every measurement (coupled).
      • + 1-point calibration with User zeroing in the air (uncoupled).
    • Multiple measurement modes for every applications including:
      • + A-Scan
      • + Thickness
      • + B-Scan
      • + Min / Max
      • + Differential
    • Support of several standard probes and the capability to support virtually any probe using the custom probe setup feature.
    • Ability to operate in harsh environments with IP67 sealing.

    Easy-to-Read Screen

    • A large display screen, which can be adjusted to provide optimum visibility in varying ambient light conditions.
    • An 800x480 pixel display, which is better resolution than a standard DVD.
    • A screen which has been ergonomically sized to help reduce eye strain.
    • Choice of thickness view, which can be either large A-scan with smaller digits or large digits with smaller A-Scan.

    The DMS Go high-end thickness gauge is suited for thickness measurement in a wide variety of applications and especially for corrosion measurement/monitoring, even at high temperatures and on coated parts.

    Typical applications include:

    • Monitoring of power generation boiler's efficiency by measuring Oxide Scale in boiler tube with special probe OSS-10.
    • Optional applications software includes:
    • TopCOAT technology to allow measurement of coating as well as metal thickness.
    • Auto-V measurement mode to enable thickness to be measured on components with unknown sound velocities without the need for a calibration block.
    • Inspection for corrosion in tubes, vessels and tanks in the oil and gas sectors.
    • Inspection of complex geometry tubes in refineries and power generation plants.
    • Thickness measurement of austenitic materials.
    • Measurement of remaining wall thickness through thick paint coatings.
    • Measurement of high attenuation cast components in foundries
    • Maintenance checks in the aerospace sector.

    The great variety of applications is made possible by the large selection of probes available for the DMS Go including high temperature versions.