GEIT Phasor XS – CV/DM Conventional Flaw Detector (022-510-035)

    GE Phasor XS – CV/DM Conventional Flaw Detector



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    The Phasor CV/DM combines phased array and conventional flaw detection into one device, making corrosion detection much more accurate. This also makes identifying pitting and isolated corrosion spots easier. The method for achieving this involves a phased array compression transducer which is able to use 28 adjacent inspection probes to give a wide range of coverage.

    The flexibility of this is shown through the ability to select and display distance measurement in each beam, minimum thickness measurement in current view, minimum thickness recorded during current scan, freeze a top view, conventional A-scan to confirm readings. All of this information is easily downloaded by using a removable SD card.


    Proven Phasor Instrument Platform

    The Phasor instrument offers many of the familiar features of GE portable flaw detectors such as thumbwheel controls and function buttons. It is sealed to IP65 for operation in the most hostile of environments and weighs less than 10 lbs (4.4kg) for ease of carrying. Its long-life battery can be re-charged on board and its large display screen allows superior image viewability in all conditions.

    Corrosion Detection Is a Problem – Phasor CV/DM Offers a Sophisticated Manual Inspection Solution

    Phasor CV/DM combines a phased array imaging device and a conventional flaw detector into one instrument, with a phased array probe which allows significantly increased confidence in corrosion inspection data.

    Compared with traditional thickness gauge and flaw detector inspection, it offers much better probability of detection of corrosion pits and faster, more reliable scanning.

    Featuring Phased Array Imaging and Pitting Identification

    Corrosion costs industry throughout the world billions of dollars. These costs are split into the costs of corrosion protection, the costs of corrosion detection and the costs of repairing the results of corrosion. However, corrosion does not necessarily occur evenly. It often can manifest itself in pitting and isolated corrosion spots, dependent on the type and manner of corrosive attack.

    Corrosion Detection, Imaging and Digital Measurement with Phasor CV/DM

    Phasor CV/DM provides a simple and elegant method for reliably monitoring corrosion, identifying corrosion pits, displaying meaningful images, and providing digital measurements. It does this by using a specially developed phased array compression transducer, which provides 28 adjacent and discrete inspection probes to allow extensive linear coverage. This ensures that even the smallest corrosion pit is identified and evaluated.
    The corrosion software specially developed for the Phasor CV/DM displays results in an understandable and useful way, both in terms of digital data and imagery.  positional encoder provides precise linear location information for each scan

    New Corrosion Software

    Software has been specially developed for the new Phasor CV/DM to allow the instrument to make maximum use of the measurement and imaging power of phased array technology.

    This provides:

    • The ability to select and display:
    - thickness measurement in each beam
    - minimum thickness in a current view
    - minimum thickness recorded during a current scan, since the last re-set.
    • The ability to freeze a Top View
    • The availability of a conventional A-scan to confirm readings

    All information can be downloaded by means of a removable SD card and stored in jpeg format for subsequent hard copy print-off. The instrument’s on-board memory is sufficient to capture the data of a metre scan.


    Package Includes


    • Li-BP-099 Lithium Ion “on-board” rechargeable battery pack (Air Freight Compliant)
    • LiBC-137 Lithium Ion battery charger kit/AC power supply
    • SD Card (512 MB) w/ POP files included
    • SD Card Reader to USB
    • Protective Screen Overlays Clear, Field Replaceable (pkg.10ea)
    • Rubber Handle Kit  (incl. 4 ea. Attachment screws)
    • Operating Manual CD CV /DM specific
    • Certificate Of Conformity
    • IF gate included with TOP view operation
    • Timed and encoded TOP VIEW image mode