GE MIC-270AE Extended Probe Flat Shoe (022-507-105)

    GE MIC-270AE Extended Probe Flat Shoe



    This product has been discontinued.

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    GE MIC-270AE Extended Probe Flat Shoe

    The discontinued GE MIC-270AE Extended Probe Flat Shoe is for use with the following MIC20 Hardness Tester probes: MIC-201AL and MIC-205AL. The MIC20 is a portable hardness tester that operates according to the UCI (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance) method. 

    The UCI Solution Moving Forward

    GE has exited the UCI hardness market and discontinued the MIC20 along with its accessories. The solution for UCI applications is now provided by NewSonic, a company comprised of former GE Krautkramer engineers. The SonoDur line of hardness testers and accessories offers an modern solution with a user-oriented design.

    Discontinued GE Probe Shoes are unique to the MICRODUR line. For assistance updating your line of hardness testers, please contact one of our sales engineers.

    Trade-in Your MIC20

    Participate in our trade-in program and earn a credit towards your purchase of a new UCI Hardness Tester. Contact us with info about your unit for more details.