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    The CL3 and CL3DL are battery operated handheld ultrasonic precision thickness gauges. They offer fast, accurate thickness measurements without cutting, disassembling, or destroying your parts. Test most metals, plastics, glass and ceramics materials while shortening inspection time and reducing costs.

    • Easy-to-Read Backlighted Display
    • Auto-Ranging or Selectable Display
    • Display Thickness and Velocity in Inches or Metric
    • Differential Measurement Mode
    • RS232C and SPC interface (CL3DL)
    • HI/LO Tolerance limits with alarms (CL3DL)
    • Compatible with 6 Standard Delay and Contact Transducers
    • Data Storage of 1,200 readings in up to 99 separate files (CL3DL)

    Select from two instrument models:

    The CL3 and CL3DL provide the same ultrasonic performance and choice of
    features. The CL3 is simple to operate, requiring only 5 keys to control all
    instrument functions. The CL3DL offers fast, error-free and low cost data
    collection. Measurements can be stored in the on-board data logger with the
    press of one key. Stored files with statistics can be sent directly to a
    printer or transferred to a PC using the optional CL3DL utility software program.

    Base Instrument Package:

    CL3 or CL3DL Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
    Three 1.5V AA Alkaline Batteries
    Carrying Case
    Operation Instruction Card
    Operating Manual
    Certificate of Conformity


    Probe Cable, Right Angle Lemo to MD
    Probe Cable, Straight Lemo to MD
    Leather Instrument case with neck strap
    XL Couplant (8 oz. bottle)
    Spring-loaded DFR Holder

    CL3 DL Application Software:

    The CL3 DL interfaces to the UltraMATE software programs. The following options are available:

    UltraMATE® Lite is a basic software program enabling the operator to receive files and print a standard
    UltraMATETM formatted report from the CL3 DL

    UltraMATE® is a full function program for file creation, sending and receiving data files and parameter sets,
    color analysis and many other program features. For an explanation of UltraMATE® compatibility,
    click here.

    CL3 Compatible Probe Specifications:

    Krautkramer DA Series Probes



    Nominal Frequency

    Contact Area Diameter

    Measuring Range

    Alpha-2 DFR

    Delay Line

    15 MHz

    .30" (7.6 mm)

    in steel .010-1.0" (.25-25 mm)

    Alpha-2A Mini DFR

    Delay Line    

    20 MHz

    .19" (4.8 mm)

    in steel .010-.200" (.25-5 mm)



    5 MHz

    .75" (19.1 mm)

    in steel .080 to 15.0" (2.0-381 mm)



    5 MHz

    .50" (12.7 mm)

    in steel .080-2.0" (2.0-51 mm)

    Alpha 2F


    10 MHz

    .38" (9.5 mm)

    in steel .080-10.0" (2.0-254 mm)

    Alpha DFR-P


    22 MHz

    .30" (7.6 mm)

    in plastic .005-.15" (.13-3.8 mm)


    Operating Principle
    Ultrasonic pulse/echo
    Probe Zero Adjustment - Contact Mode
    Push button; keyed to instrument probe zero block
    Thickness Calibration - All Modes
    One point, off block
    Measurement Modes
    Normal, and Differential Thickness
    Measuring Ranges
    Delay: 0.0100 to 1.000 inch in mild steel
    0.25 to 25 mm
    Contact: 0.080 to 15.00 inch in mild steel
    2.0 to 381 mm
    Plastic: 0.0050 inch min. in plastic
    0.13 mm min.
    Auto-ranging or Selectable
    .0001, .001, .01 inch
    .001, .01, .1 mm
    Display Update Rate
    4 Hz
    Material Velocity Range
    10,000 to 590,000 in/s
    254 to 15,000 m/s
    Display Type
    4 digit, 0.5" (12.7 mm) high with electro luminescent backlight; Auto, On, or Off modes
    Power Supply
    3 ea. 1.5Vaa alkaline batteries
    Battery Life (operating time)
    Over 35 hours at 25% duty cycle
    Auto Shut-off
    After 3.5 minutes of non-use
    Data Logger Memory Capacity (CL3DL)
    Up to 1200 readings
    Number of Data Files (CL3DL)
    Up to 99 files (user selectable)
    Data Output Port (CL3DL)
    Serial: asynchronous; 0, +5V TTL, 8 bit, 1 stop bit, 1200 baud
    RS232C: Bipolar logic levels provided by serial PC and printer cables
    SPC: Mitutoyo protocol
    Direct Report Languages (CL3DL)
    English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish
    Temperature Range
    +15/°F to +125/°F
    (-10/°C to +50/°C)
    Dimensions (L x W x D)
    6.5" x 3.0" x 1.6"
    165 mm x 76 mm x 41 mm
    14.5 oz. (0.4 kg) including batteries