Magnaflux Spotcheck® SK-416 Penetrant Inspection Kit (01-5970-48)

    MagnaFlux Spotcheck SK-416 Penetrant Inspection Kit



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    The Magnaflux Spotcheck® SK-416 Penetrant Inspection Kit comes with the highest quality of dyes, solvents and penetrants to find cracks, discontinuities and defects on almost any non-porous material. The high quality of the products ensures that every crack or defect is found while also being completely safe to use. The use of a UV black light is unnecessary with the contents of this kit.

    Included in the kit is 1 can of SKL-SP2 penetrant, 2 cans of SKC-S and one can of SKD-S2 developer all in a portable carrying case. Everything needed for visible red dye liquid penetrant inspections (LPI) is included in the kit.

    Applications for the SK-416 kit include inspections on automobile parts, off-road equipment, farm equipment, welds, castings, forgings, leaks, pressure vessels, aircraft, construction, maintenance, pipelines, power plants and other general metalwork.

    The Sk-416 kit complies with AMS-2644, AECL, ASME B & PV Code Sec V, ASTM E1417, MIL-STD 2132, ASTM E165 and MIL-STD 271.


    Spotcheck®SK-416 Spotcheck Visible Red Dye Liquid Penetrant Kit. Everything you need to perform an inspection.

    Spotcheck® products are the most reliable and widely used penetrant inspection method that reveals cracks and other surface discontinuities in virtually any non-porous material.

    Spotcheck®'s formulation, using a high concentration of quality dyes, together with high quality solvents, provides the best possible dye penetrants for finding defects. Other products may skimp on dyes or use inferior solvents that cut costs. In doing so, indications do not appear as bright or vibrant and cracks can be missed. Some inferior solvents may also cause health hazards. Our developer’s even spray pattern provides a uniform coating. Our Spotcheck® products are the most widely used

    The SK-416 Portable Kit includes everything needed to perform visible red dye liquid penetrant inspections. No ultraviolet black light is required for inspection. The kit comes in a portable plastic carrying case for easy transport to remote field locations.

    Specifications Compliance:

    AMS-2644, AECL, ASME B & PV Code Sec V, ASTM E1417, MIL-STD 2132, ASTM E165, MIL-STD 271

    Kit Description/Contents:

    Spotcheck® SK-416 Inspection Kits Contain: (1) Can of SKL-SP2 Penetrant, (2) Cans of SKC-S, and (1) Can of SKD-S2 Developer in a handy portable carrying case.

    Applications: Automobile Parts, Off-Road Equipment, Farm Equipment, Welds, Castings, Forgings, Leak Testing, Pressure Vessels, Aircraft, Marine, Construction, Maintenance, Petroleum Pipelines, Power Plant Inspections, General Metalwork.