GE Rowa Series Bar/Tube/Pipe Ultrasonic Test Machine (ROWA)

    GE Rowa Series Bar/Tube/Pipe Ultrasonic Test Machine

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    Ultrasonic testing machine of bars or tubes.
    The use of phased array probes enables a compact test system without rotating parts. The test system is adjusted to different diameters by stored parameter sets, enabling a short changeover time of approximately 5 minutes

    Product Features

    • No rotating parts, only the sound beam rotates electronically controlled around the test object
    • Constant coupling via rotating water jacket, thus practically no wear parts
    • Short changeover time to different dia­meters, no mechanical adjustment required
    • With phased array probes 100% coverage of the bar cross-section for longitudinally oriented flaws can be achieved
    • Very compact design, requires only little space when installed in an inspection line
    • Short untested ends
    • VIS phased array electronics


    • Round, square and hex bars
    • Tubes (wall thickness measurement)


    • Electronics: VIS
    • Software: UNI-VIS