GE XL Vu UV VideoProbe (XL-VU-UV)

    GE XL Vu UV VideoProbe
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    The XL Vu UV borescope combined with a UV light source, integral quartz light fibers and correct UV optics and filters, creates a budget-friendly solution for fluorescent penetrant inspections (FPI). This combination delivers strong UV light levels, with low reflection, and offers you the ability to access small remote areas of equipment for inspection.

    Fluorescent Penetrant Test Preparation & Process

    To prepare your target surface for FPI, first clean and then wet it with a fluorescent penetrant. Through capillary action, the penetrant will be drawn into surface defects. After rinsing, the penetrant remains in the defect and can be viewed and measured using UV light.

    Using the XL Vu UV VideoProbe

    New applications of the XL Vu VideoProbe are now possible due to the compact size of the integrated probe and UV light. It is now possible to inspect components in situ that are difficult to access, including turbine blades or weld seams. Applications in automotive manufacturing include adding UV fluorescent substance to auto body sealing wax to inspect and validate how well they are coating cars on the production line. The XL Vu system with UV comes in probe sizes 4.0 mm to 6.1 mm in lengths up to 2 meters, so inspections are possible in equipment with access points of only 4.0mm!

    A Specialized UV Light Source

    In order for the UV-versions of the XL Vu system to meet* ASTM Specification E1417/E1417M - 16, GE recommends that the UV light source used to supply UV-light energy to the XL Vu UV system be GEIT P/N ELS-50LEDUV. This White-Light / UV-Light switchable light source allows conformance with ASTM E1417/E1417M - 16 UV and white light specifications when used with XL Vu UV probes. For full technical specifications, see the product specification data sheet for the ELS-50LEDUV.

    *The XL Vu UV VideoProbes have been tested using the Labino Apollo 1.0 to meet UV and visible light outputs as specified in ASTM E1417/E1417M - 16.

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