Gould Bass Magne-Tech Retro Pak (RETRO PAK)

    Gould Bass Magne-Tech Retro Pak

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    Stand Alone Power Pack

    We offer Magne-Tech® Retro Paks™ as stand-alone units. If your power pack is outdated, worn out or inadequate, but still has a serviceable tank and frame unit, then Magne-Tech® Retro Paks™ are an excellent solution.

    The Retro Pak™, which can be fitted with optional casters to make it mobile, is ideal for use as a stand-alone power pack and is designed for use with cables and prods.

    If you have a wet horizontal magnetic bench unit, Magne-Tech® Retro Paks™ will enable you to upgrade, replace or extend its life. With a complete independent control console (as shown), all Retro Paks can be mounted or placed anywhere within the length of the flexible conduit supplied.

    You can convert a conventional magnetic bench to a MULTI-MAG® multidirectional unit at a minimal cost.


    • Replace Inadequate Power Packs
    • Replace Outdated Power Packs
    • Upgrade to State of the Art Circuitry
    • Add Multidirectional Capability
    • Add AC or DC Mag Capability
    • Add AC or HWDC Demag Capability
    • Eliminates Costly Downtime for Repairs
    • Full Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • Better Than a “Patchwork Rebuild”
    • Includes Infinitely Variable Current Controls
    • New Master Control Panel
    • Eliminates Large Amp Increments at Low End
    • Ideal as Stand Alone/Stationary Power Pak



    Model Number

    3004R 3005R 3009R 3009R-10 3009R-10 3053R 3068R

    Catalog Number

     N520738001  N520735001  N520736001  N520737001  N520740001  N520741001


     4000 AC
    5000 FWDC

    6000 FWDC 6000 FWDC  6000 AC
    6000 FWDC
     10,000 FWDC  4000 AC
    4000 HWDC
    5000 FWDC
     5000 AC
    5000 FWDC
    6000 FWDC

    Maximum Current

     N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  2000 AC
    2000 HWDC
     3000 AC
    5000 HWDC

     AC Demag Ramp

     Standard  N/A  N/A  Standard   N/A  Standard  Standard

     DC Demag

     N/A  N/A  Standard  Standard  Standard    N/A   Standard

     Infinitely Variable Current Control

     Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard

     Digital Ammeter with Hold Feature

     Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard  Standard

     Induction Fixtures

     N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  Available  Available