NewSonic SonoDur-R Automatic Online Hardness Tester "Rack" for Production Lines (NS-11006)

    NewSonic SonoDur-R Automatic Online Hardness Tester
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    The NewSonic SonoDur-R 'Rack' is a UCI hardness tester designed for complete automated, 100% checks of mass-produced parts. The 19" desktop device performs rapid process monitoring (at one-second intervals) of mix-up testing procedures. Conforms to ASTM A1038.

    The SonoDur-R is mainly used to test serial parts following heat treatment, surface processing or measuring coating hardness on gravure cylinders with highly-selective low-load motorized probes. 

    The SonoDur-R is the world's only automated UCI measurement system that is fully system compatible thanks to its USB and fully-isolated, digital I/O interface. Good/bad sorting gates and other factors can be set up with setpoints to help facilitate your hardness inspection processes.

    The SonoDur-R provides all of the features of the SonoDur2 mobile hardness testing device but can scale into a fully-automated process line.

    Probe Compatibility

    All SonoDur manual and motorized probes are compatible with the SonoDur-R without restrictions. Simply connect each probe through a USB port.


    Product Features:

    • Fully isolated, digital I/O interface for the direct controlling of actuators; potential-free signal contacts for full remote control via SP
    • Speed: Approx. 1 measurement per second
    • Measured value counter with statistical functions
    • Fast amortization through the durable SonoDur 2 manual measurement probes SONO-10H (HV1), SONO-50H (HV5) and SONO-100H (HV10)
    • USB interface for measured value transmission
    • Operates on 24VDC voltage or an external power supply
    • All SonoDur manual and motorized probes can be used
    • Large measured data memory 2GB (approx. 90,000 measurement series, each with 1,000 measurements)
    • Measured value changes in color depending on the applied set point


    • Hardness testing on serial parts following heat treatment
    • Hardness testing on parts following surface processing
    • Measuring coating hardness on gravure cylinders


    Measuring Specifications

    Measuring principle

    UCI Method, corresponds to DIN 50159, ASTM A1038

    Test indenter

    Vickers diamond 136°

    Test loads

    Newton scale (1kgf = 9.81 N)

    Motor probes: 1N (0.1 kgf), 3N (0.3kgf) and 8.6 N (0.8 kgf)
    Handheld Probes: 10N (1 kgf), 49N (5kgf), 98N (10kgf)
    (Other test loads on request)

    Hardness scales and range according to standard conversion tables


    Conversions are acc. to ASTM E140-12bƐ1(2013), EN ISO 18265-2014, and DIN 50150-2000 (solely table 1, low-alloyed steel). Conversions into tensile strength for 98N (10kgf) test load only.

    Vickers HV 10 – ca. 2000
    Brinell HB 76 – 618
    Knoop HK 87 – 920 (ASTM only)
    Rockwell HRB 41 – 105
    Rockwell HRF 82,6 – 115,1 
    Rockwell HRC 20,3 – 68 
    Rockwell HRA 60,7 – 85,6
    Rockwell HRD 40,3 - 76,9 (EN ISO 18265 only)
    HR45N 19,9 – 75,4
    Tensile Strength MPa (N/mm2) 255 – 2180 (EN ISO 18265 only)

    Measurement uncertainty

    < 3% of the average out of 5 measurements relative to the plate value

    Relative repeatability

    < 3% (range relative to the average out of 5 measurements on reference block 300HV using motor probe 8.6N)


     Processor and Memory

    ARM11® i.MX35 / 128MB SDRAM / 256MB Flash / micro SD Card up to 32GB

     Operating system

    Windows CE 6.0 R3 English

     Power Input

    12VDC – 24VDC // 6 W

      Size (Inch/mm)

    TFT-Display 800x480 Pixel with LED-Backlight Touch-Screen
    7.0/ 178

      Digital Input / Output

    Lemo ERD.0S.304, 5V Signal Level
    37 pos. D-Sub, galvanic isolated, max. voltage 36VDC
    1x USB Type B, RS232 (automatic measurand output)



    Instrument Language

    German, English, more on request

    Mechanical and Environmental (Instrument and probe)

    Operating Temperature

    Probe: 0°C to ~ +50°C

    Storage Temperature

    -20°C ~ +70°C


    Max. 90%, non-condensing

      Motor probe
      Handheld probe
      L-Handheld probe

    Instrument ca. H/B/T 132,55 x 235,54 x 313,5mm (360mm with handle)
    Ø38mm, L=190mm (free length oscillation rod ca. 32,5mm)
    Ø25mm, L=176mm (free length oscillation rod ca. 12,5mm)
    Ø25mm, L=207mm (free length oscillation rod ca. 34mm)


    Instrument ca. 3400gr
    Handheld probe ca. 280gr
    Motor probe ca. 370gr



    Additional Info

    Package Includes

    Components of the set (without hardness measurement probe):

    • SonoDur-R ‘Rack’ hardness testing device for automatic hardness testing on the production line, WIN CE operating system, 19” housing for built-in table with handles
    • SONO-RM, 3m probe connector cable
    • SONO-NG-24V, power supply unit 115VAC-230VAC/24VDC
    • SONO-R-Stylus, stylus pen
    • SONO-CD, USB product incl. instruction manual