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    Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual iQ

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    The Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual iQ, a Baker Hughes business product (formerly GE Inspection Technologies and Everest), is a portable 3D measurement video borescope ideal for oil & gas, aerospace, general inspection, and power generation industries.

    High Definition, TrueSight™ & Real 3D™

    The latest generation of Waygate's Mentor Visual iQ, a Baker Hughes business product (formerly GE Inspection Technologies), is the first portable High Definition, 3D measurement video borescope (Touch & Analyze models). The VideoProbe now features TrueSight™ High Definition visual for more accurate defect detection and Real 3D™ measurement with a fully surfaced Point Cloud for the Touch and Analyze models. These improvements increase the Probability of Detection (POD) to help you make more informed decisions, faster.

    Connectivity & Sofware

    All models of the Mentor Visual iQ feature Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and come equipped with InspectionWorks software for fast and easy remote collaboration. 

    Faster Inspections, Brighter Screen & Increased Processing Power

    In addition to High Definition, the Waygate Technologies Mentor Visual iQ is now 200% brighter (the brightest screen on the market) and 30% more versatile, saving up to 25% in time for inspections based on case studies for gas turbine, engine and boiler assessments. Now with a faster processor that allows you to handle multiple tasks more efficiently and an upgraded touchscreen controller, the systems now feature improved viewing angle range, you can see more than ever before.

    Easy & Intuitive Integration

    The Mentor Visual iQ's new hardware and software enable simple connections to external monitors. Its latest upgrade also includes Windows 10, which not only allows iView remote capabilities for streaming and full remote control but also prepares the platform for future growth, as well. Its software also allows you to create and customize profile setups for multiple users or applications, and access on-device manuals and context-based inspection support files. With advanced file management, it's easier to store, organize and report large volumes of inspection data.

    Aircraft Compliant, Easy Storage

    At just 6.75 lbs with a lithium-ion battery, the aircraft compliant this video borescope system stores in overhead compartments for easy mobility. All models come with a carrying case - you can choose from the roller carry-on version or the larger work-station model that includes a pole mount handset holder and accessory storage pouch.

    The VideoProbe comes in three different configurations to meet inspection needs across industries and applications.

    Mentor Visual iQ Inspect

    The Inspect is the entry-level model but still features high-resolution images and comes standard with 16 GB of internal memory. Like the Touch and Analyze, the Inspect is rated IP65 / MIL-810 for field durability and ruggedness, features a QuickChange battery pack, InspectionWorks live-streaming capabilities, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity. The Inspect has a hard button and joystick interface but is not compatible with interchangeable probes. Tips are interchangeable. You can also upgrade the Inspect to a Touch or Analyze model as needed.

    Mentor Visual iQ Touch

    Now featuring a flame handset color, the Touch offers HD imagery (with specific probes), a gesture-based touchscreen interface with the brightest display on the market, 32 GB of internal memory, and interchangeable QuickChange probes. This model also works with custom probes like the LongSteer, UV, and 6.2 working channel probes. Upgrading to the Touch model also includes Waygate's menu directed inspection software suite for image management and reporting.

    Mentor Visual iQ Analyze

    The Analyze model, also with the flame handset, features all of the capabilities of the Touch system, including the 32 GB of internal memory, connectivity, and software but also includes stereo, 3D phase, and 3D stereo measurement upgrades as well as the "Probability of Detection" suite, which includes:

    • High-Dynamic Range (HDR) - View & Save
    • Adaptive Noise Reduction
    • Distortion Correction with Wide FOV tips
    • Image Transform Presets


    • Aerospace
    • Oil & Gas
    • Power Generation
    • General Inspection


    Standard Features

    • The power of connectivity Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled for easy collaboration
    • Crisp image quality High-intensity light source and advanced image processing for clearer, sharper video and still image quality
    • Flexible solutions Interchangeable probes and tip optics to meet the toughest inspection challenges
    • Advanced detection & analysis Innovative 3D Phase Measurement and cuttingedge MDI data management
    • Greater mobility Portable, ergonomic 6.75lb design with aircraft compliant lithium-ion battery
    • Easy to use Intuitive touchscreen interface and individual user profiles, with context-based inspection support preloaded on the device
    • Rugged durability Designed to IP65 (assembled), IP55 (disassembled), MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461F standards to withstand the toughest inspection environments

    New Features for Touch & Analyze Models

    • High Definition Imagery with TrueSight™
    • The only gesture-based touchscreen
    • Real3D™ Measurement with fully surfaced point cloud
    • 200% brighter than previous model
    • 58% brighter than leading competitor
    • 30% improved viewing angle
    • More than 200% the measurement working range than previous model
    • Windows 10-enabled
    • iView remote capability for iPads

    Choosing the Right Mentor Visual iQ System for Your Inspections

    System  Inspect  Touch  Analyze
    High definition resolution N Y Y
    Hard button/joystick interface Y Y Y
    IP65 / MIL-810 field durability and ruggedness Y Y Y
    2 hour lithium ion battery pack Y Y Y
    • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
    • Network drive mapping
    • InspectionWorks enabled for live-streaming and cloud data management
    Y Y Y
    Comparison Measurement Y Y Y
    PC Re-measurement with Inspection Manager Y Y Y
    Can be upgraded to Touch or Analyze configurations Y Y Included
    Internal memory 16 GB 32 GB 32 GB
    QuickChange probes N Y Y
    6.2mm working channel probe available N Y Y
    Choose from multiple probe lengths and diameter configurations Y Y Y
    Compatible with Custom Probes, i.e., LongSteer, UV, etc. N Y Y
    Menu Directed Inspection image management and reporting Upgrade Y Y
    Touchscreen interface N Y Y
    • 3D Phase Measurement with Fully Surfaced Point Cloud
    • 3D Stereo Measurement with Fully Surfaced Point Cloud
    • Projected plane measurement
    • Area depth profile measurement
    Upgrade Upgrade Y
    • Stereo Measurement
    • Traditional Stereo Measurement
    Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade
    Probability of Detection Suite (POD)
    High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images - View, Measure & Save
    Adaptive Noise Reduction (ANR)
    Distortion Correction for Wide FOV tips
    Image Transform Presets
    Upgrade Upgrade Y
    iView Remote for streaming and remote control N Upgrade Y




    Operating Temperature 
    Tip -25ºC to 100ºC (-13ºF to 212ºF). Reduced articulation below 0ºC (32ºF)
    System -25° to 46°C (-13°F to 115°F). LCD may require warm-up period below 0°C (32°F)
    Storage Temperature -25º to 60ºC (-13ºF to 140ºF)
    Relative Humidity 95% max, non-condensing
    Waterproof Insertion tube and tip to 14.7 psi (1 bar, 10.2 m of H2O, 33.5 ft of H2O)


    Diameter Probe 4.0 mm (0.16”), 6.1 mm (0.24”), 6.2mm (0.24”), 8.4 mm (0.33")
    Image Sensor 1/6” Color Super HAD™ CCD camera (6.1, 8.4mm), 1/10” Color Super HAD™ CCD camera (3.9mm, 4.0mm, 6.2mm)
    Pixel Count SD 3.9, 4.0, 6.1, 6.2, 8.4 mm - 440k pixels
    HD 6.1mm - 1200k pixels
    Housing Titanium


    System Dimensions 17.1 x 19.7 x 38.1 cm (6.75 x 7.75 x 15”)
    Case Dimensions (Standard) Small carry-on case 54.9x 34.6x 23.6 cm (21.61x13.62x29”)
    Large workstation case 57.2 x 56.3 x 41.2 cm (22.52 x 22.16 x 16.22”)
    System Weight In small case with contents: 10.2 kg (22.4 lbs). In large case with contents: 19.6 kg (43.2 lbs)
    Out of Case: 6120 system - 3.0 kg (6.7 lbs). 61100 system - 4.0 kg (8.7 lbs)
    Construction Magnesium and Polycarbonate housing with integrated elastomeric bumpers
    LCD Monitor Integrated (6.5”) active matrix XGA color LCD, daylight readable display, with optically bonded, multipoint capacitive
    Dragontrail™ touchscreen (Touchscreen available only on Analyze and Touch models; pinch and zoom gesture support,on-screen radio and slider button activation)
    Joystick Control 360º All-Way® tip articulation, menu access, and navigation
    Button Set Access user functions, measurement, and digital functions
    Audio Compatible with bluetooth headset/microphone
    Internal Memory 16 GB (Inspect model) and 32 GB (Touch and Analyze model) internal SSD for user data storage
    Data I/O Ports Two USB 3.0 host ‘A’ ports, one USB 3.0 client micro ‘B’ port
    Video Out DisplayPort
    Brightness Control Auto and Variable
    Illumination Type White LED
    Long Exposure Auto – up to 16 seconds
    White Balance Factory default or user defined


    Lithium Ion Battery 10.8 V (nominal), 73 Wh, 6.8 Ah 


    Power Supply
    AC 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, <1.5 A RMS 
     DC  18 V, 3.34 A


    Standards Compliance and Classifications
    MIL-STD-810G United States Department of Defense Environment Tests Sections 501.5, 502.5, 506.5, 507.5, 509.5, 510.5, 511.5, 514.6, 516.6, 521.3
    MIL-STD-461G U.S. Department of Defense – Electromagnetic Compatibility with RE102, and RS103 – ABOVE DECK
    Standards Compliance Group 1 Class A; EN61326-1, IEC CB Scheme, UL/EN/CSA-C22.2 61010-1, IEC 62133, UN/DOT T1-T8, EU RoHS 2, EU RED Directive, ISTA 2G
     IP Rating IP65 (assembled), IP55 (disassembled)


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