Buehler SimpliMet 3000 (201435)

    Buehler SimpliMet 3000

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    The SimpliMet 3000 is a mounting press from Buehler that is able to produce a variety of different mount types and protocols.  The unit has the ability to store up to 25 different, giving operators more flexibility and reducing errors for high variability labs.  The flexibility of this unit will save mounting media and improve mount quality.


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    This versitile mounting press is designed for users with high variety in the lab. Create reproducible mounts with many different mount types and protocols.

    Reduce Complexity with programmability

    • deal for labs with multiple protocols and different mount types.
    • Store and recall up to 25 different programs, reduce complexity and eliminate errors Flexibility for high variability labs
    • Highly varying samples sizes can be optimized by selecting different mold sizes.  Save on mounting media and improve mount quality


    • Program and recall up to 25 mounting methods
    • Ideal for labs with multiple protocols and different mount sizes
    • Automatic electro-hydraulic compression mounting system
    • Integrated Cooling System
    • User can define and store pressure, temperature, heating time and cool time
    • Duplex capable molds


    Operation Automatic electro-hydraulic
    Power Source 85-264VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 phase
    Molding Pressure 1200 - 4400psi [80 - 300bar] in 100psi [5bar] increments
    Molding Temperature 120 - 360°F [50 - 80°C] in 20°F [10°C] increments
    Heating Power 1500Watt @ 115/230VAC
    Heating Time 0 - 20 minutes in 10 second increments
    Cooling Time 0 - 30 minutes in 10 second increments
    Mold Type Cylindrical, including upper and lower rams and duplex mold spacer
    Closure Type Insluated bayonet with piston indent
    Mold Diameters 1in, 1.25in, 1.5in, 2in, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm
    Touch-pad Controls On/Off; Heat Time; Cool Time; Molding Temperature; Molding Pressure; Mold Size; Ram Up/Down; Maunal Cool; Cycle Start; Cylinder Open; Unit of Measure; Language and also including Thermoplastic; Load and Save Methods
    Units of Measure Imperial or Metric
    Water Flow Rate 0.5gal/min [2ℓ/min] minimum
    Water Pressure 45-75psi [3-5bar]
    Control Voltage 24VDC
    Method Programmability 4 Buehler, Preprogrammed Methods per mold size; 25 User Definable Methods
    Preload Pressure 0 - 400psi [0 - 30bar] in 50psi [5bar] increments
    Thermoplastic Function Automatically sets correct parameters for thermoplastic resins such as TransOptic™ and cools the mount in a controlled, linear fashion
    Compliance In accordance with EC Directives

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