Sectioning - Cut Off Saws

Preparing test subjects for a closer, microstructural investigation starts witht the sectioning process to make subjects small enough to work with.  The importance of selecting the correct equipment to make the first cut cannot be overstated.  Large objects can be cut with band saws or torch cutters and then cut again with either an abrasive saw or a precison saw, depending on the needs of the inspector.  Using the correct equipment will lessen the chance of damage or deformity to the cuts.

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Buehler AbrasiMet XL Pro

Buehler AbrasiMet XL Pro

Description: The Buehler AbrasiMet XL Pro abrasive cutter offers the most power and versatility of any abrasive cutter its size.
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Buehler Delta Orbital - Large

Buehler Delta Orbital - Large



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