Pit Gauges

Digital and dial pit gauges are manual systems used to measure surface variations. Their accuracy, ease of use, and modular designs make them essential tools for manual pit inspection. Digital pit gauges and dial pit gauges are extremely useful in measuring wear, weld alignments, structural fit-ups, etc.

Digital pit gauges are equipped with direct readings and are designed based on a digital vernier caliper. Digital pit gauges are easy to use and provide fast and accurate measurements of surface pits, gauges, dents, undercuts, etc. Corrosion profiles can be plotted quickly and accurately by moving the probe and indicator along the bridging bar. When dealing with areas of weight-loss corrosion, digital pit gauges can conveniently measure pit depth or material loss.

There are a variety of digital pit gauges and dial pit gauges available in order to meet your specific needs. These products include everything from digital and dial pit gauges for basic evaluation to pit gauges for evaluating large areas of weight loss corrosion. Some additional models include the Digital Pit Gauge with IP54, Digital Crack Pit Depth Gauge, Analog Crack Pit Depth Gauge, Standard Manual Pit Gauge with extension arms, and Dial Pit Depth Gauge.

Pit gauges come with numerous features including having notched feet to prevent the bridge from rocking on a rounded surface, as well as having ceramic magnets to securely hold the pit gauge in place. As the tip drops into the pit, there are left-handed scale measurements for increasing depth. Other features include a locking adjustment screw for instant calibration to a reference surface and thumbscrews to facilitate one-handed operation.

Digital pit gauges assure compliance with corrosion allowances for equipment and provide protection for materials such as pipelines, vessels, piping, storage tanks, oil country tubular goods, drill pipes, bottom hole assemblies, bridges and structures, shipping, concrete, and aircraft components.

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Exacto 360 Degree Rolling Base

Exacto 360 Degree Rolling Base

Description: 360° Rolling Base perfect for inspections in tight spaces on 6" or larger pipes.


Product Code: PGD360

Starting at $465.00
Exacto Pit Depth Gauge with 4 Inch Bridging Bar

Exacto Pit Depth Gauge with 4 Inch Bridging Bar

Description: Inspections with space limitations are a breeze for this Exacto Pit Depth Gauge.


Product Code: PGD4

Starting at $350.00
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