GE Rota Series Bar/Tube/Pipe Ultrasonic Test Machine (ROTA)

    GE Rota Series Bar/Tube/Pipe Ultrasonic Test Machine

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    GE Inspection Technologies’ rotary test systems have their origins in high-precision testing of pipes and heat-exchanger tubes for nuclear applications in the 1960´s. The ROTA 25 and ROTA 45 Z inspection systems are designed for this dimension range.

    Now, the ROTA Series is a probe rotating ultrasonic system also for bar and hot processed pipe inspection from 5 mm up to 450 mm (0.20 to 17.72 in.) in various types (Standard, E=Economy, S=Black material, Z=Central adjustment).

    Again, our ROTA S & Z types are configured with a central probe adjustment and motorized bench/ transport mechanism setup, and are notable for high-test speeds and highly repeatable results.

    The ultrasonic inspection includes detection of inner and outer flaws, as well as full dimension measurement.

    The product fulfils various testing regulations such as ASTM, ASME, API, SEP and DIN

    Product Features

    • Turn key tailor made online, offline system with conveyor, testing bench and water system
    • Various crack-type defects throughout the material cross section and divergences in the dimensions for internal and external diameter, wall thickness, ovality and eccentricity/wall-variation can all be detected in a single inspection cycle
    • The systems are equipped with single or multiple probes, depending on the particular test requirement
    • Capacitive signal transmission without mechanical wear
    • High lifetime of the mechanical elements by use of stainless steel
    • Notable for high test speeds and highly repeatable results
    • Integration of eddy current test systems as a second, independent physical test procedure


    • Hot rolled tubes with / without upset ends for Oil & Gas Industries
    • Inspection of pressure and precisions tubes for Power Plants
    • Nuclear tube inspection
    • Precision bars and tube for Automotive industry