IBG Eddy Current Systems

IBG Eddy Current Systems for Crack Detection and Material Properties.

IBG has over 20 year’s experience designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art eddy current instruments and systems for testing of critical mass-produced components. They provide the complete turn-key solution to your eddy current testing needs.

Testing for cracks and other surface flaws and material properties such as hardness, case depth, mixed structures and alloy integrity.

Components tested typically have been subjected to processes of forming, heat treating, machining and finishing, are critical to the function, safety or value of the end product.

Often, products tested are engine, transmission and drive train components; steering, chassis and suspension components; valve train components; gears; shafts; bearings and bearing components; fasteners, etc.

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Hardness, structure, and material properties testing

Correct Structure:
tempered martensite

Wrong Structure:
ferrite, perilite, mixed structure

Eddylyner P


Example systems for hardness, structure, and material properties testing systems


  • Audit testing system
  • Test is for hardness and case depth
  • Photo shows part tested
  • Complete system shown at right

Axle Shafts

  • Audit test system
  • Illustrated part shows induction hardened areas
  • Test is hardness and case depth on shaft at multiple locations, case depth location/run out at ends of hardened zone
  • Complete test system at right


Eddy Current Crack and Flaw Detection


Example of IBG Eddy Current Flaw Detection Systems

Cylinder Liners

  • Test system shown at right
  • I.D. bore surface area and O.D. surface area are scanned completely for cracks & pores
  • Close up shows two probes scanning entire outer diameter of liner tested for cracks


  • Test system shown at right
  • Photo shows bearing inner-ring tested for cracks at production-line speeds
  • System can test inner or outer races

Piston Rods

  • Test system shown at right
  • Drawing shows part subject to crack and flaw testing
  • Entire cylindrical ground surface area is scanned